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kicking it old school since 2004

strange how we know each other

somehow we made it to college.
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She's my best friend, best of all best friends, do you have a best friend too?
acting, avocados, being hopeless dorks, being married basically, bff, bibliophilia, bryn mawr, build-a-bear, cat and crow, college, crappy young adult fantasy, david boreanez always, dreams, east asian studies, english, eric's song, fandom sharing, femmy music, hippie politics, home, icicles, identifying with fictional characters, insane levels of stress, joss whedon, magic, making fun of people, musicals and plays, new york, nyu, ohio, our lives being himym, philadelphia, pie, pretty good years, ravenclaw pride, shopping adventures, spazzing v. sarcasm, strawberries, tea, trader joe's, very long phone conversations, we solemnly swear..., winter's road, writing